• TZ Coastal Monitoring, the first turnkey maritime surveillance solution
  • With TZ Coastal Monitoring it is possible to manage an infrastructure with limited human and financial resources in an easy to use, quick to implement, low maintenance cost and with the best quality.
  • TZ Coastal Monitoring offers seamless integration with a multitude of sensors, including compatibility with most of the latest generation Furuno radars being able to merge, present and merge up to 6 radars remotely from TZ Coastal Monitoring.
  • Main functionalities:
    • Acquisition and tracking of automatic targets (200 ARPA targets / 1000 AIS targets)
    • Fully customizable visual and audible alarms
    • Integration of cameras for video tracking of targets
    • Unlimited archive of radar, white, video and audio streams
    • Presentation of weather forecasts

  • TZ Coastal Monitoring is an optimal system for the following applications:
    • Detection of illegal maritime activities (illegal fishing, piracy, terrorism, etc.)
    • Anti-collision system between ships and / or platforms
    • Maritime rescue assistance (SAR)
    • Port Infrastructure Optimization
    • Marine protected areas surveillance

HATTELAND monitors

  • Hatteland marine monitors and computers, number one in the marine sector.
  • Hatteland monitors are the most robust and specialized for the marine environment.
  • Specialized monitors, computers and PC panel for a multitude of boats and a variety of uses on board.
  • Several Series and sizes available depending on the needs to cover.
  • Approved for marine environment.
  • Approved in conjunction with radars from various manufacturers.


  • High quality CCTV surveillance system.
  • Pelco produces a complete collection of high-tech security and surveillance products.
  • Analog, digital or IP CCTV system
  • All possible varieties and scales, from the simplest CCTV system to the most sophisticated and of great magnitude.
  • Meets marine standards, including cameras with IP protection, anti-vandalism and pressurized
  • Multitude of models and families to adapt project by project to the specific needs of each vessel.