Certified quality

Certified quality

The activity of REDCAI, SA focuses on the design, assembly, distribution, sale, and technical assistance of electronic and radio equipment for maritime enviroment and land activities. The commercial evolution has led the company to the representation and distribution of certain brans internationally recognized for their quality.

REDCAI SA, has designed a quality policy in line with the company's general way of action, adopting the necessary measures to achieve his final aim that is none other than offering the highest quality in his work.

The Board of REDCAI SA., guarantees at all times that the guidelines of its Quality and Environmental Policy are transmitted and duly communicated to all employees and is properly reviewed to obtain compliance with the Integrated System based on the standard ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015.


This Quality and Environmental Policy is based on the following points:

  • Management permanently leads and drives quality in the company.
  • The Management undertakes to comply with the client's legal and regulatory requirements that affect it.
  • Management assumes and demands the commitment and participation of all members of the company
  • It is fundamentally oriented towards full customer satisfaction.
  • Pursues the reduction of failures and customer complaints
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of the tasks inherent to their job and their control corresponds exclusively
And it pursues the following objectives:

  • Ensure total customer satisfaction, giving the quality they expect and to which we commit legally and contractually.
  • Improve the safety and satisfaction of our team, as the main asset, to achieve more satisfactory results.
  • Increase the productivity and profitability of our activities, by continuously improving quality and doing things right at first, allowing us to reduce costs, eliminate reprocesses and unproductive activities and obtain better use of productive means and better environmental behavior.
  • Protect the environment, energy saving and prevent pollution by minimizing the significant negative impacts on the environment resulting from our activity, maintaining these aspects between the appropriate values ​​for quality assurance in the services provided and an adequate level for the preservation of the natural environment