Redcai SA
Marine electronics for ships and professional vessels

Installation and maintenance of navigation and communications equipment

REDCAI, SA distribute, design, manufacture, install and give service to all marine electronics users that requires navigation and communication equipment.

There are many shipyards and shipowners who have entrusted us with the installation and maintenance of marine electronics equipment in their fleets, due to our proven and maintained seriousness for years, the excellent quality of our electronic equipment, the high qualification of our technicians and our treatment individualized of each and every case.
Our activity is divided into two main fields of marine electronics: new buildings and technical assistance and service to merchant vessels.

New Buildings

Design, integration, documentation, engineering, consoles, installation and commissioning of navigation and communications systems.

Ships in Service

Maintenance, after-sales service, equipment replacement, radiosurvey, AIS and VDR APT.

… Because each user is different and
Each case is also different ...
Since security is not a whim, but a NEED, our mission is to help achieve and facilitate it, offering our customers the most appropriate equipment for their needs, at the best price and with a perfect and synchronized installation.


In 1979, L.M.Legazpi, Official Electronic Radio of the Spanish Merchant Marine, founded REDCAI, SA in response to the need of facilitate communications and safety at sea. The confidence in the viability of this project was full since it could apply all the knowledge and experience acquired in its years of navigation.

With more than 40 years of experience, we can look back and corroborate that all the objectives that we have achieved over the years have ended up becoming starting points for the achievement of new goals.

REDCAI, SA, preserving its initial philosophy, has evolved with a firm step, which is due to realistic plans, knowledge of the marine electronics market , creativity in responses and the magnificent human team.

This progress is shown in the successive opening of branch offices, in order to meet all the demand of our customers. Thus, REDCAI, SA, has full coverage around the entire Spanish coast.