REDCAI, distributor of the most advanced and best quality searchlights

Historically, searchlights has been included nearly in the consumable category in a ship, normally due to the medium quality of the equipment, Broken gearboxes, motors and corroded mechanics have made Searchlight almost like consumables. But, why it has to be this way? Let’s make searchlights a long term solution equipment…with COLORLIGHT

COLORLIGHT supply to many segments of vessels all over the world, with a continuously increasing reference list, which includes all kind of vessels, mega yachts, offshore, merchant, navy, workboats, fishing, patrol, SAR, Coastguards, Icebreakers and many others.

colorlight references

The best quality in all dimensions

It success is due to the high quality of the equipment in every aspects that conform it.  In the ColorLight SearchLight Solution all mechanics and electronics are well protected inside the housing made in Acid Proof Stainless Steel and the components inside are digital controlled and monitored to ensure a long and durable lifetime. The brushless digital controlled motors will run for 15 000 operating hours or at least 15-20 years of normal operation time and this without any maintenance.

The light technology HMI combines extreme energy efficiency with light quality similar to daylight (6000K color temperature and CRI/color rendering index over Ra 90). The character of the light is perceived as the best Ice Light Spectra in the market and really brings daylight at night. The technology used is also a very good UV-light provider and is today highly used equipment for salvation and oil spill operations enable a visual look of the oil at sea during night operations.


The distribution of the light is also a key. There seem to be a competition in the market to have as long reach out as possible leading to very thin pencil beam that in action reduces the understanding of the surroundings and also make it difficult to pinpoint the target when the sea not is flat. The output from a ColorLight generates a beam over 120 m in width and still reaches 3 nautical miles. The dual head solution also makes it possible to have a wide narrow flood beam and a long distance spot at the same time.

Colorlight has unlimited range possibilities. Starting with 3 references, they can be combined with different type of light and also with various searchlights synchronized developing the most difficult solutions.




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